FISLY Pilot data form

Thanks for filling in the pilot registration form.
You will receive an email with the confirmation of your subscription.

In case you applied for an international pilot registration, please provide us the following:
Email your insurance confirmation document (.pdf - only copies of original insurance policies) towards the FISLY insurance officer.
For pilots under 21 years of age and students, registration is free of charge.
In last case, email a copy of your student card together with your insurance document towards the FISLY insurance officer.
For pilots over 21 years old and not students, we charge an annual fee of 17,50 euros.
Transfer 17,50 euros to FISLY's PayPal account (pay as a friend)
or to FISLY's bank account stating name and sail number.
Before initiating a payment order, ensure that no other subscription payment order already exists.
Duplicate payments will only be refunded upon request.
PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!
The email confirming your registration is proof that your registration has been started.
Your national organisation will be requested to confirm your competence, national license and the necessary insurance.
Your FISLY ID will be published upon receipt of payment, insurance certificate and approval by your national organisation.
We do not ask your federation for approval for each single application.
We only ask the national federations for a confirmation of your insurance and competition skills once per month.
There is no point in filling out another pilot form nor to write an email in order to expedite the procedure.
Do not wait to register for a FISLY ID till you have to register for an international race.
We recommend you start your registration already at the beginning of the year.
For all questions concerning your registration, please address pilotregister[at]