The FISLY members

FISLY ‘s Constitution, article 6 recognizes three categories of membership:

Full membership:
Full members can be national sand & land yachting federations consisting of a minimum of two clubs
and federations who are the only body representing sand & land yachting in their country.
The right to organize International championships is with full members only.

Associate membership:
The associate members can be sand & land yachting federations or clubs (two per country)
and federations that are the sole representative of sand & land yachting in their country.
Associate members have less votes in FISLY Council and General Assembly than full members.

Affiliate membership:
The affiliate members will be in general associations per sort, such as structured land & sand yachting class associations.
They have the right to attend the FISLY General Assembly but have no voting rights.
Affiliate members can be class associations or corresponding members.

Individual membership:
This type of membership is only possible if there is no club or landsailing organisation in his country which is already a member of FISLY.
They shall designate one representative who can represent these members at the General Assembly, without the right to vote.

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