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On the occasion of its 60th anniversary, FISLY is setting up an international ranking of pilots called "International Ranking".

The objective is to highlight the major competitions and to create throughout the year an emulation between pilots from all over the world in each class by valuing their performances in national, international, continental and world championships.

Art 1 Period

The International Ranking takes place between the first day of the reference Continental or World Championship and the day before the next Continental or World Championship.

Art 2 Participants

All pilots, regardless of age or sex, who have a national licence and a current FISLY ID and who have participated in at least one national, international, continental or world competition during the classification period, are classified by landyacht class.

Art 3 Competitions

The following are taken into account :

  • National level competitions as defined by the federation of the country where the competition is held.
    Foreign pilots can participate in these competitions.
  • International competitions defined as such by FISLY and which include at least pilots from 3 different nations.
    If this criterion is not respected, the competition is demoted to "national level competition".
  • Continental and World Championships as defined by FISLY

Art 4 Value of the competitions

The competitions counting for the International Ranking have a value defined according to 2 criteria :

  1. The type of competition :
    • national race coefficient 1
    • international race coefficient 2
    • continental championship coefficient 4
    • world championship coefficient 5
  2. The number of pilots having participated in at least one round of the said competition determines the number of points to be distributed according to the following rule :
    • 1st = number of participants
    • 2nd = number of participants -1
    • 3rd = number of participants -2
    • last = 1
    • One run is enough to make the competition worthwhile.
    • The total number of rounds played during the competition does not affect its value.
    • In the event of an absolute tie, the tied riders will be awarded the same number of points, the next rider will be awarded the points allocated to the next X+1 place (e.g. if there is a tie for 3rd place, then the next rider is 5th).
    • In a crew competition, it is the number of crews that is taken into account, the members of each crew get the total number of points allocated to the place of the crew.
    • Several competitions can take place on the same dates.

In the end, the number of points distributed over a competition is as follows :

  • 1st = number of participants x coef
  • 2nd = (number of participants -1) x coef
  • 3rd = (number of participants -2) x coef
  • last = 1 x coef

Art 5 Collection of results

The organisers of the competition shall transmit to FISLY (see appendices) within a maximum of 14 days the gross results of the competition by class, mentioning :

  • The type of competition (nat, inter, cht)
  • Dates and venue of the competition
  • The participating classes
  • The actual number of participants per class
  • Their places
  • The identity of the pilots (name and sail number)
  • The number of nations represented

FISLY calculates the number of points allocated to each pilot and establishes the "International Ranking" according to the method indicated in article 4.

Art 6 In-season and final ranking

The ranking during the season and the final ranking are as follows :

  • All points acquired in the competitions mentioned in art. 3 in each class are cumulated.
  • Pilots who have not participated in competitions included in the "International Ranking" are awarded 0 points at these competitions.
  • In the event of a tie between drivers, they shall be separated by their best performance first in the international championship, then in the international races, and finally in the national races.
  • In the event of an absolute tie, the drivers are declared equal. The next driver gets the next X+1 place.
  • FISLY will send the federations and class associations the updated results for each new competition within 14 days.

Art 7 Final prize-giving ceremony

During the continental or world championship of reference closing the season and opening the next one, FISLY organises a prize-giving ceremony for the final podium of the "International Ranking" of each class.

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