FISLY Eurocup

Point System FISLY Eurocup

A counting system of 100 points for every race. If one travels to the race, and there is no start at all,
one gets 100-1 for to give this pilots an advantage, because he(she) traveled to the race.
All other pilots that are not there will get 100 points.

The overall place you have made in a Eurocup race will count. Penalty points will be counted extra.
The addition of the points (the races one has started and the races one didnít start) will give the overall result.

The pilot with the lowest number of points is the winner of the Eurocup for the season.

The ladies will be counted as the man and they will get an own cup.
The result will be extracted from the overall result.

The FISLY council decides what races are Eurocup races.
The principle is that every (European) country has one race, per class and per season.
The FISLY council decides the beginning and end of the season.

Jan Leye, 26.02.2013