The FISLY rules

Reglement International de Roulage et de Course

The International Sailing and Racing Rules

Version: Hoylake, England & Laytown (Ireland), European Championships 2017, FCM approval 06/05/2017:

  • I.S.R.R. (pdf 3,96MB): "the International Sailing and Racing Rules" (the English version)

Latest French Version: Smith Creek, Nevada USA, World Championship 2014, FCM approval 03/05/2014:

  • R.I.R.C. (pdf 3,73MB): "Reglement International de Roulage et de Course" (the French version)

Non-official translations of the International Sailing and Racing Rules:

Mind: This non-officlal translations are not updated to the latest version as is the case for the official versions R.I.R.C. French version and the I.S.R.R. English version. If pilots want to do this update or if pilots want to translate the rules into their own language they are free to do so and we are willingly to publish it just as a reference but without guarantee of the contents.

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